Monday, October 18, 2010

Gorilla Run, Oct 17th 2010 (15.something k)

I think the thing I loved the very most about the run was seeing so many people I knew at the race!! For years I would go to running races and not know a soul (hazard of small town training). Sunday morning I a saw a couple from Carstairs (that actually I see at a lot of races). I had a short visit with them ( saw their daughter and her friend on the course, 2 "kids" that I used to coach track). Then I ran into some of my Team Tri Life teammates, got to visit with them and hear about their post Ironman fallout. I ran into a group of runners from Carstairs, had a short visit with those lovely ladies (and got to see them on the course and we did the run by high fives!!!). Then I spoke with 2 different random people about Team Tri Life (was wearing the team running shirt...). Well for girl who is usually very antisocial prerace (neurotic and brooding) I was loving seeing so many familar faces!! I think I will say goodbye to prerace neurotic Sharon, and say hello to social, chatty Sharon. It's way more fun and there are no prerace nerves!!

On to the race....I got lucky for most of this race and had someone to run with. The first 12k I can only describe as smooth, effortless, and strong. I felt like one of those people that get described as having great form, or looking strong. It's just how I felt. I was guaging effort by hr, I wasn't really sure about pace as my Suunto was broke, again... and the km markers were not very accurate. I was patient in the first 5km, and that definitely paid off. The last 3km were definitely more challenging, I was really feeling it in my calves. I think I need to spend more time running on pavement and get off the gravel roads. All in all, it was a great race that felt good from start to (almost) finish.

I finished in 1:07:08, and is the same pace I need to run if I want to go sub 1:30 for my half mary next month....that will be tough.... It's a tough goal, one that I might not achieve this fall, but definitely one shooting for!! Bring on the intervals and long runs!!!