Friday, July 12, 2013

An update of many races :)

Since San Antonio's tough half I have gotten in quite a few races. This blog is mostly for my own record of things so bear with me if you are reading for interest sake.

In February I did an indoor tri put on my the TNT youth tri club in Red Deer. Although I had been sick with a nasty case of influenza I really wanted to check this event out. It was really well run and alot of fun (despite wheezing and coughing). The short run hurt alot but the kids counting laps and handing out water were so quite uplifting! Definitely one to go back to!!

A couple weeks after the indoor tri I did the Crave Chick Chaser 5 miler. I was still feeling the effects of being sick so I treated this race like a training run (something I am not good at, but my wise coach asked me to find a way to define success for this race…so for me it was execution). I ran it at an even split, so found my own success there. Time was 34:07

In March I stayed indoors once more and competed in the Talisman center aquathon. This was a mass start 400m swim in a 50m pool in a triangle pattern and a 2km run on the indoor track. Despite feeling I was "behind" due to my illness last month I was pretty happy with the results. The swim was definitely slower than what I would do swimming normal laps but that's what you get when you turn around buoys like a bus :) Swim 6:32, Run 7:31.

At the very end of March I was slowed down by foot pain caused by a bunion. I changed shoes, taped, ultrasound, spend more time on the TM and was able to work through it. Although the nagging pain did last all through April and now (in July) I still get some days with discomfort but it’s holding up!

In April I tackled two road races. The Glencoe 10km and the Police Half Marathon. Glencoe was a good race despite very icy conditions from freezing rain the night before. I ran 40:50 which was :30 seconds slower than last year but given the conditions I was happy with that. I was 6th overall and 1st in my age group.

10 days before the Police Half I sprained my ankle. I did some resting, physio, massage, chiro, cold laser and by some kind of miracle I was able to race. My ankle did hurt a small amount coming down the hill into the weasel head flats but the pain went away after a few minutes and I was able to continue. This was a very tough course! I really struggled in the last 3-4km and my pace dropped each km. I had nothing left in the last 500m so I know I ran my best race on this day. Couldn’t have squeeked out another second! Finishing time was 1:31:08, 8th overall and 6th in my age group (speedy age group!!)

In May for the 4th year in a row I did the Sylvan Lake Sprint. I love doing this race, it’s so well run and a great way to open the tri racing season. I had a good swim 11:42, an okay bike (some technical issues with a rubbing tire)42:40 for 26kms and a solid run 21:47 for 5.3km or so. Total time was 1:17:26 which I was happy with especially after putting a good long ride a few days before.

In June I raced both Wasa Lake and Edmonton ITU. Wasa was a blast! I traveled with Marnie and we roomed with Chris at the Wasa Motel and Phil was also staying there as well as several other TTL’ers were in attendance so a great team event. My swim was ok there, I think I took a wider path than I should of, wasn’t able to get on any feet so swam the whole thing (which ended up being about 200m long) alone. Bike was phenomenal. It was my first ride with my new race wheels and I put them to the test! I may have overbiked slightly because the run HURT! Overall super happy with my day and new OD PR. Swim 26:13, Bike 1:05:01, Run 42:56, overall time 2:15:37. I was 3rd female overall and earned a paycheck!!

It was not my intent to race Edmonton but when they announced that Edmonton would host the worlds in 2014 and the 2013 race would have 8 qualifying spots I really wanted to go and earn my spot! I didn’t taper for this race but felt good and ready to go. Swim was good although I got a little beat up off the start and was kicked in the mouth. Bike was good, technical with lots of hills and corners. Run was absolutely outstanding. It went out and back four times so lots of people to see and cheer on. It felt so good and was so fast I was sure the course was short, but I was assured by the Garmin wearers that it wasn’t. Swim 22:16 ( a bit short ), Bike 1:07:25, Run 41:20, total time 2:14:48 ( another new OD pr, but….swim was short so not sure I want to count this one ) I was 4th overall and 1st in my age group and I am registered for World’s 2014!!!

That catches everything up….GWN gets it’s own race report!